Webmoney is one of the electronic currency systems used for making safe online financial transactions and it is run by WM Transfer Ltd. It is similar to PayPal in terms of operations of services. Learn more at euro-online-casino


Webmoney Banking initiative

Your WebMoney account is run in USD equivalents (WMZ), equivalents of gold (WMG), rule value-type (WMR0), and Euro equivalents (WME). Routinely, it is only approved by top online casinos. Some of the benefits includes

  1. Fast and easy withdrawal

The specified units are the tokens that are used within the system of WebMoney for the indication of the ‘real’ money equivalents to the users’ balance. The equivalents are like symbolic matches to your real money account.

Limits, Fees and Supported Currencies

In Webmoney, there are different banking structures that are used than most online payment solutions. Because of that, there are no same rules or regulations that it is limited by in terms of this subject.

However, if your phone number is not verified, you are limited in terms of transportation. The highest amount of money that you can save in your purse is not more than $200 or thereabouts (in other currencies)

Withdrawal Options for players

As far as withdrawing is concerned, regarding the balance on your WebMoney account, you will find that you have quite a good number of options scattered everywhere. They have a lot of withdrawal methods in stock

You can withdrawal by bank transfer to credit or debit card, by post, or by any exchange points that accept it, even though there is specific set of fees and commission for each method

Using WebMoney for Gambling Transactions

Funding your online casino balance with WebMoney is not at all difficult and the process only takes few seconds. The process is so easy like most payment method and securing or is extremely simple

  • Webmoney transactions are encrypted.

Once your account has been opened on the website, go to the payment page section and select WebMoney via the deposit options, enter the amount that you wish to deposit and the important login information.

Conclusion on WebMoney

If you like gambling with your mobile phones, do not fret because WebMoney is not only available for PC users, but even you, and effectively so too. So, there are absolutely no limitations to playing

The company is a safe and fair one to use for online casino transactions and is user protection obsessed. Your data is protected as well as your fund transaction is sure to be successful on the casino